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We are currently filming for release late fall.

Have you filmed any of your night hunting  (with nightvision., thermo, or lights).  We'd like to see it.  If we use your video's  in our upcoming DVD's  you will receive credit and compensation. 
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Coyote calling DVD
Our Price: $29.95

Bill Martz takes the viewer step by step through the process of calling in a coyote. What sound to us and when to use them. 
1-Explains everything you need to know about coyote behavior from the day they are born to the day they die.
2-You will learn almost every vocalization coyotes make, what they mean to other coyotes and when and how to use to them using our world class studio grade sound library as a teaching aid. 
3-Teaches you how to locate coyotes and why it is the basis for successful coyote hunting.
4-Teaches you how to set up properly in any terrain.
5-Gives 6 video examples on how to manipulate coyotes using only coyote vocalizations.
6-Shows 8 video scenes of hunters missing coyotes and explains the mistakes they made.
7-Over 30 scenes of actual coyote calling covering most types of terrain to reinforce previous lessons learned.
Our Price: $29.95

1-Explains everything you need to know about bobcat,gray fox, raccoon and other predator behavior at night.
2-You will learn what vocalizations to use and when and how to play them using our world class, studio grade sound library as a teaching aid. 
3-Using an animated tutorial as a teaching aid, you will learn how to use a light at night and why it is the backbone for successfulnight hunting 
4-Shows many video examples on how to manipulate thetarget predator using only their own vocalizations.
5-All the animals are clearly visible. We shoot these video's using only professional broadcast equipment for best results. 
6-Over 40 scenes of actual night calling.
7-The footage you view in this video is exactly the way you will see the predators when you are hunting by yourself.